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Boones Little LKB Wild Dreams

Wilder is a very nice young stallion who sired his first foal in 2011, a

cremello filly to die for. Wilder has been bred to just a couple mares for

2012 foals but we look forward to seeing what he throws this year. He has

been bred back to the mare that foaled the cremello filly again so we are

super excited to see what the two of them do again.

Please see his pedigree below. We wish to thank Westwind Miniatures

for letting us purchase this nice horse and look forward to seeing just what he

produces in the years to come!! Wilder has been color tested and is

Homozygous agouti and carries one cream gene.

Stud fee: $650.00 LFG ($100 booking fee included)

Discounts for multiple mares

Mare care: $1.50 per day dry / $2.50 per day wet.

Live cover & Hand breeding only

Sire: Little Kings LKB Buckeroo Dream (Buckeroo son)

Dam: Westwind Chamois

Wilder is a Boones Little Buckeroo grandson, a 4 time World Champion Get

of Sire. Wilder's sire is an AMHA World Top Ten Sr. Stallion who is sired

by Boones Little Buckeroo. Wilder also has Gold Melody, Johnstons

Vanilla and Stouts Mister Pride in his pedigree. 

Pedigree for Boones Little LKB Wild Dreams

AMHA/AMHR Palomino tovero miniature stallion


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