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SJM Bonnie Lil Bit


Bonnie was born 6/28/10. She is a sorrel and white pinto, dwarf, filly. We purchased

Bonnie's dam pregnant and with her 2009 filly, who is perfectly fine and has no dwarfism

characteristics. The mare was bred back to the same stallion resulting in Bonnie. Anyway,

dwarf foals are a reality of breeding miniatures because of the limited foundation breeding

stock as well as some breeders not breeding reputably or giving full disclosure. Having said

this, I do not believe the breeder we purchased Bonnie's dam from is one of these people.

It is a sad and sometimes very painful situation for all involved but mostly the horse. In

Bonnie's case, we will be honored to have her live out her days with us however long or short

that might be. She has such a cute personality and acts like there is absolutley nothing

wrong with her. We love this little horse and she surely has impacted us in a very positive

way. If more breeders were open and honest about the dwarf foals born on their farms each

year, perhaps we could get enough useful imformation to figure out just how to identify the

cause of such situations or potential situations. Please, if you own a dwarf, be responsible

and do not breed them. There is certainly a place for these little horses and they should not

be destroyed just because they usually have major, long term health issues, unless their

deformities won't allow them to live a productive life. These are wonderful, God given

creatures, we are stewards and we have a moral responsibilty to strive to do better by them

and in our breeding programs. Some dwarf foals are born with deformities that will not allow

them to live and that is understandable and acceptable to have them put down humanely.

Bonnie will not be registered, bred or sold.

As you can see from the pictures below, she is a very personable little horse and very much


One mini to another! 

 She is quite the adventurer!!!

Here she is as a yearling and still going strong!! Need to get her clipped. She looks

like she is sporting a mohawk on her back.

 After a nice and much needed haircut

 This little horse has a personality like no other. She is the sweetest, most

gentle horse on the place and she just putters around minding her own

business for the most part. If you are trying to get something done outside

and she can get to you, she will be right at your side or in your way!

Bonnie as a 3 year old. She is still plugging along!!!!


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