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HMM Golden Sundance 

Sundance is a 2004 Palamino stallion, 29.75", AMHA A184325, AMHR

314490A, WCMHR 97120A-P and DNA'd. Sundance is an all around good

guy and willing to please. 

Sundance has correct confirmation, a perfect bite, beautiful color, a great

pedigree (below) and a gorgeous head! He is LWO negative, he carries the

cream gene so he can throw those much sought after dilute colors,

buckskins, palominos and smokey blacks! He carries 1 Silver gene. Sundance

is a great grandson of Double O Seven And A Half Moto, who is a National

Champion & National Grand Champion!! Sundance also goes back to Komokos

King Tut, Stouts Mr. Pride, Dell Tares & Vant Huttenest. He has small ears,

nice neck, level topline, straight legs, strong hip and big brown eyes. He has

a great personality and is good to handle. As you can see below, he is good

with foals too. He is solid and so far, we have not found anything that

bothers this horse. He is very confident but also knows his place when it

comes to being handled. He has tested negative for LWO so he would be safe to

breed to LWO positive mares. He is an awesome stallion and his

foals are outstanding and can be reviewed below to see the quality and color

he sires. His babies have great personalities as well.

 Stud fee: $450.00 LFG ($100 booking fee included)

Discounts for multiple mares

Mare care: $1.50 per day dry / $2.50 per day wet.

Live cover & Hand breeding only

Sire: Peach Valleys Ghost-owned by Grand Mesa Miniatures

Dam: Cindys Teresa-owned by Grand Mesa Miniatures

Sundance's Pedigree 

Sundance Foals 

                 Rosette-filly                                       Butch Cassidy-

colt                                   Cimmaron-colt

                             Dancing Firefly-filly                           Golden Miracle-

filly                   HMM Deluxe Dancer-colt


Mardigan-colt 2011

 Blitz-filly 2011

                            Indy-filly 2012, two blue eyes

Banner-filly 2012, two blue eyes


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