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Running Creeks Sweet N Petite


Luna was very pregnant in this picture!

Sire: Spragues Orion Royale Sir Prize

Dam: Sligo Sweet N Low

Luna has correct confirmation and a great pedigree which Orion Light Vant 

Huttenest, Dell Teras Moon Man and Stouts Mr Pride, to name a few! Luna 

foaled a nice silver bay colt this year whose sire is Bens Prince Echo, a 

beautiful silver bay stallion who has Orion Light Vant Huttenest, Dell Teras 

Buttons and Komokos Little Husseler. Tango can be seen on the colts page. 

 Luna was bred to Running Creeks Lil Firecracker and foaled a beautiful 

smokey black, pinto filly. Pepper can be seen on the Jr. Mares page. Luna 

has been DNA'd and is also is negative for LWO.

She has been ultrasounded and confirmed in foal to Mark for a 2011 foal..

Luna's Pedigree

Luna has been bred to Mark (Below)for a possible 2011 foal. She will be 

ultra sounded for confirmation. 


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