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SJM Echos Twizzler Twist

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Twizzler as a yearling

 (another not so good picture and you can tell she was real happy about it


  She will be hardshipped into AMHA this next year as well. She has been

DNA'd and also tested negative for LWO. Twizzler has a horse head on her

side in white. She is a very sweet horse and loves attention. She is the

first one to you when you go outside. 

Sire: Peach Valleys Johnny Come Lately

Dam: Lakota Stars

Twizzler is small, nicely put together, has a good bite, straight legs, good

confirmation and a great pedigree. Double O Seven and A Half Moto,

Stouts Mister Pride and Bond Showboy are a few to speak of. She is a

very nice horse who loves attention and is always one of the first ones to

come up when you go outside to see them. She would follow you about



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