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SJM Hotter N A Firecracker

Spark was born on 4/25/12 at about 10:30 p.m. We were all able to get organized and out to the barn with the video camera and we were able to film every bit of the birth of this little girl. We were very excited by the fact that this was also our 5th filly of this season as well. Her sire is Brewski, our Boones Little Buckeroo direct son. Brewski is really on a bay roll as Spark is now his third bay filly this year! This little girl is lovely in every way. She has an outstanding head, super confirmation and that Buckeroo presence. We are really happy with this filly and are considering retaining her. Spark is AMHA/AMHR pending and as I have stated above, she is a bay. We will be posting more pictures soon.

 She is 3 months here and turning into a stunning filly.

Sire: Little Kings Brewski Buckeroo (a direct Boones Little Buckeroo son)

Dam: Running Creeks Foxfires Spot Light


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