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PRF Solaris

PRF Solaris is an 2005, AMHA/AMHR, 32.5", cremello stallion. Solaris is a direct BTU son. Testing has be done and Solaris is LWO negative, ee, Aa. He is a double dilute cream as well. He will never throw a base colored foal no matter the color of the mare he is bred to.

PRF Solaris is a beautiful refined 2005 stallion. His Sire is IMA Boones Little Buckeroo Too, His Dam is Comanches U Missed A Spot. Solaris's pedigree has such greats as Ima Boones Little Buckeroo Too and Glenns Comanche. Solaris has a fantastic top line and tail set. He is very refined, long legged and tight bodied. He has a nice long hip, cute head and elegant neck and best of all he can produce buckskins and palominos. Solaris has a great personality he comes when you call him, easy to handle, hand or pasture breeds and always seems to cover the mares the first time. He throws beautiful babies with great movement. We purchased Solaris from Rogue River Farms in Oregon and thank them for allowing us to purchase him. (pictures and info courtesy and permission of Rogue River Farms)

PRF Solaris, is a direct Son of BTU.

Solaris as a foal

Stud fee: $600.00 LFG ($100 booking fee included)

Discounts for multiple mares

Mare care: $1.50 per day dry / $2.50 per day wet. 


Live cover or hand breeding only

Sire: Ima Boones Little Buckeroo Too



Ima Boones Little Buckeroo Too- aka- BTU 


AMHA and AMHR Registered 32.5" Buckskin Stallion 


Buckeroo Too carries on the tradition of a bloodline with an impeccable show record and breeding reputation."BTU" is a remarkable, vibrant, and intelligent example of his "Buckeroo" heritage. His upright stature, long neck and his coppery buckskin color give him the "Look At Me Look." 


He has won the AMHA National Grand Champion Senior Stallion title in 1996 culminating his impressively successful show ring career. His first foals are following in his tracks as junior champions and AMHA Top Ten winners. They are brilliant, correct, small, typey, and athletic. Some of his winning get include: Little Kings Four Times A Lady, Little Kings BT Buccaneer, Little Kings Buck U Too, Little Kings BT Briana, and Desert Golds BTU’s Dream Catcher. 


In 2005 at the World Show, BTU followed in his grandsire's footsteps winning the coveted Get of Sire Award. The get included: Little Kings BT Fancy Me, Little Kings BT Chablis and Philias BTU Cruser. Cruser also won the 2005 AMHR National Champion Stallion Title. 


BTU is owned by the Buckeroo Too Syndicate. Syndicate members include: Boones Miniatures, Little King Farm, MCC Farms, Ross Family Miniatures, Cherry Orchard Hill and KMA Miniatures.

Great Grand sire: Boones Little Buckeroo

  Dam: CF Commanches U Missed A Spot (minimally marked pinto) carried a cream

gene. (picture courtesy of Martha Gale, Pine Ridge Farm.)

Some of Solaris' foals

2013 filly



"Beck " 2013 filly


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