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SJM Savannah Sweet Dreams


Born 4/11/11, AMHA, AMHR pending, cremello dun filly. 

She is a bit dirty in these pictures.

About 2 months old.

 (about three weeks old)

 Savannah was born with hyperextended front legs. The vet said it was because her dam was small and that because of her leg placement, they just grew that direction. An orthopedic/therapy group, people therapists, found out about her situation and offered to try to build her braces to help hold her legs in the proper position until her tendons could strengthen and retract. We took her into "In Motion Therapy" in the back seat of our pickup where we were met by probably 30 to 40 people who had heard about her situation and wanted to come see the baby miniature horse. It was quite a show to say the least. Savannah was pretty good for being snatched from her dam, driven in a pickup, stretched and wrapped, etc. and fitted with braces that are just like you would use on a human. These braces even allowed her to bend her knees the correct way. My husband and I had rigged up braces before this that didn't allow her knees to bend and she walked around like Frankenstein. When we put these new braces on her, she immediately felt better and even tried to run with them which she could do very well. She was all good to go within two weeks and has no leg issues at all, as you can see by the first picture. We are very thankful for the staff of In Motion Therapy that helped figure out and then construct these braces for this little horse and we are not sure how we can ever repay them for their kindness. She is six days old in the picture below.

Going to get good braces. (the braces she has on in the picture, didn't allow

her legs to bend)

three weeks


Boones Little LKB Wild Dreams, a 2007, 29.25", AMHA, AMHR registered,

palomino tobiano. Savannah is Wilder's first foal. Wilder is Homozygous

agouti and nT, ee, nCr for the cream gene.


Zephyr Woods Sweet Pea, a 2007, 30", AMHA, AMHR registered, dun tobiano.

Savannah is Sweet Pea's first foal as well. Sweet Pea is nT, Ee, Aa, nCr.


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