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SJM Madmardigan By Willow


Born 4/25/2011,an AMHA pending, buckskin colt. Martigan is a Buckeroo great grandson. 

 You can't tell by these photos but Martigan is shedding out around his eyes and he has 

palomino gold around his eyes and below he is shedding out black. I am going to have to get 

him clipped to see what is going on under all that hair! There was only a 10.25% chance that 

we would get this color out of these two horses. Martigan is a great little guy with super 

confirmation, good bite and straight legs. This guy may be a keeper and should really be 

shown. Mardigan is half brother to our Loddie on the Jr. Mare page. He will be weaned on 


This is the color underneath that baby hair. He is a completely different horse!!


HMM Golden Sundancer, a 29.75", AMHA registered, palomino.


Chance of Golds Willow, a 32.5", AMHA registered, bay, Buckeroo grand 


Willow is an absolutely beautiful mare and she passes that right on down to 

her foals.


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