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SJM Leia's Orion S Domino 




March 16, 2012 


Sable X Leia 


AMHA/AMHR registered 


Domino is a daughter of Brewers Orion Sable who is one of the few remaining direct sons of Orion Light Vant Huttenest. This is not a super flattering picture of her, it was done with my phone so new ones coming soon. This girl is a super friendly horse and is the first one of the babies to come to the fence. She has nice bloodlines and we are thinking of retaining her. She is halter broke, ties and is good with her feet.

SJM Let Freedom Ring 




April 7, 2012 


AMHA/AMHR registered 


Brewski X Lacey 


Lettie is our second filly this year out of our direct Boones Little Buckeroo son, Little Kings Brewski Buckeroo. She too has that Buckeroo head, confirmation and personality and she loves people. Her dam is Little Big Hornes Trimmed In Lace who is a Camelots Magic Merlin daughter and grandaughter to NFC Husslers Star. She also has Dell Teras in her pedigree. Lettie is halter broke, good with her feet, ties and is a very willing and trusting little horse. We will be clipping her soon.

SJM Hotter N A Firecracker 




April 25, 2012 


AMHA/AMHR registered 


Brewski X Dot 


Spark is out third filly out of our direct Boones Little Buckeroo son, Little Kings Brewski Buckeroo and yes, another bay. This filly is as good as they come. She has presence, confirmation and a pedigree that could take her into the show ring or the broodmare band when the time comes. Her dam is our Running Creeks Foxfires Spot Light and while this mare has no real "knowns" in her pedigree, she has perfect confirmation and throws spectacular foals as evidenced by this girl. Spark is halter broke and good with her feet.We will be clipping her soon. 


FOR SALE see sales page

SJM Darlins Enduring Freedom 




May 5, 2012 


AMHA/AMHR registered 


Arisocrat X Darlin 


Freedom is a black and white Tovero filly and she is sired by SRF Aristocrat who is LWO positive and homozygous black. He is AMHA futurity nominated and was 6th out of the 2009 Top Ten Futurity Sire's. He is a grandson of the immortal Rowdy and his dam is a direct Orion Light Vant Huttenest daughter.Her dam Cascades Little Darlin is a beautiful black and white Tovero. We will be retaining Freedom. Frredom is a bit shy but is good with her feet, is halter broke, ties and will be clipped soon. 


(she is a day old in this picture)

 SJM BOS Patriots Pride 




May 16, 2012 


1st colt, 7th foal 


Sable X Honey 


Patriot is a flashy grulla colt with the dun primitive markings. His sire is our Brewers Orion Sable who is a direct son of Orion Light Vant Huttenest. His dam is our Oak Parks Destinys Saranade who is a line back dun. Honey has some "greats" in her pedigree as does Sable. Honey is an Alvaders Double Destiny grandaughter. This colt is super nice and refined. He loves people too. We will be clipping him soon. FOR SALE see sales page.

SJM Star Spangled Banner 




AMHA/AMHR registered 


May 19, 2012 


Sundance X Buffy 


Banner is a palomino (?) filly with two blue eyes and a blaze. She is sired by Hmm Golden Sundancer and her dam is Bondes Bouncin B Lady Buffy Jo who is a silver dapple Sabino. We will be color testing Banner to be certain of her color. She is a spunky little girl with great confirmation. Banner is halter broke, ties and is good with her feet. She will be clipped soon.


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