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Gone But Not Forgotten

SJM Savannah Sweet Dreams

"Savannah" is a cremello, AMHA, AMHR pending registered filly. There was a 6.25% chance that we would get this color. We will be clipping her soon to be certain there are no spots hiding under there. She is the first foal for Sweet Pea and Wilder. She was born on 4/11/11. (please click on her picture for more information) NFS We lost our precious little Savannah on 6/27/11. This was very unexpected and we are just crushed. We surely will miss this little creature and her gentle way. We are not sure what happened, we found her in the morning.

SJM Mackena's Somewhere In Time

"Kena" is a 2009, AMHA registered, palomino filly. She is a Boones Little Buckeroo grand daughter and great grand daughter and bred by Little Kings Farm. Kena should mature at about 31". Kena is a Little Kings White Russian daughter. This little girl was and always will be one of my favorites.

 Ed our big, goofy, sweet, butthead, irrigating buddy, goat chase, trouble making sorrel gelding. He cut his hock super bad and we messed with trying to heal him up for almost four months. Just about the time we thought we had him healed up, he'd get bad again. After many hours of cleaning and bandaging and even casting, I made the decision to put him down. He was losing weight and was just not happy at all. The vet agreed that we had done everything humanly possible and I could not see him in pain any longer. Anyway, we had him put down in April, 2011. Sad day. (I have to find a picture of him)

 Hopscotch was a 29 year old pure arabian mare. She was a blast to ride and I am thankful for the time we had her. This ol gal was a very athletic horse and she would do some tremendous things to stay underneath you and on her feet. We have had this horse in some pretty hairy places and she did great. She will be missed by us all. Had her put down in January 2011.

 Dude our big line back dun. Dude was struck by lightening, standing in a field with

four other horses yet he was the only one killed. Randy is on him in this picture. Allie

on Hopscotch, Ashlee on Pearls, April was riding Zip and I was on Ed, not pictured at all.


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