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Hmm Painted Awesome Blossom

 Blossom is a 2005, AMHA/AMHR registered dun pinto. She is 31.5" tall. 

She has tested TT, Ee, Aa and will be tested for the dun gene shortly. We 

are fairly certain she carries at least one gene. She foaled a beautiful 

grulla filly!!

Blossom is much prettier than this picture shows and new pictures will be 

coming in the spring!!! 

 Blossom and her 2011 filly, Skeeter.


Blossom's pedigree 

 Blossom as a foal.

 Blossom is a 2005, AMHA, AMHR, 31.5" Bay, Dun, Homozygous Tobiano 

mare. She will always throw paint foals, no matter the color of the stallion 

she is bred to. She has also been tested and is Ee and Aa.

Blossom's foals

 HMM Silhouette-2008 filly AMHA registered.

2011 filly Skeeter A/R

 2013 filly Gizmo A/R


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