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SJM Buffy's Silver Streak Lady Blitz


 Blitz is a silver, smokey black,sabino, AMHA and AMHR registered filly.

She was born on 3/27/11 and was 21.25" tall. She is just hours old in this

first picture. There was a 10.25% chance that Sundance and Buffy

would produce this color and we are very pleased to say the least! Blitz has one

blue eye just like her dam. This little horse is a pocket pet and loves

attention. She would make a wonderful child's horse or brood mare

later on. She is going to stay small. Blitz is nSb1, aa and Ee.

 Blitz is a very friendly horse.

Look at that eye!! 


7-29-11 All clipped and pretty. She has splashes of white on her underbelly

and a couple of total black spots on her rump.


 HMM Golden Sundancer

2004, AMHA and AMHR registered, 29.75" palomino.


 Bondes Bouncin B Lady Buffy Jo

2006, AMHA, AMHR registered, 34", silver dapple.

Buffy is a bit chubby here but she is a super nice mare.

Buffy passes on her blaze and blue eye. (her 2010 filly with her here)


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