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SJM KSS Kattle Kate

We have not decided for sure but we are thinking about hardshipping

Harmony into AMHR in 2012. 

Although Harmony has a number of unknown's in her pedigree, she has nice confirmation,

beautiful head, face and eyes, straight legs, strong hip and looks every bit a "miniature" full

size horse. She is an exceptional mother and has thrown all fillies to date. This mare is an

excellent mother as well. As you can see below, she produces fine, show quality babies. She

is a rich bay color with black mane, tail and legs. Harmony is E/e for red/black factor and

A/a for agouti. Harmony has recently been hardshipped into AMHA and will be hardshipped

into AMHR in 2012.

Harmony's Pedigree

Harmony's 2007 and 2009 fillies

                                HMM Double 

Dazzle                                                                                                     HMM Dun In Diamonds

Sophie, red dun, 2010 filly

Harmony was bred to AMHA, AMHR, Boones Buckeroo Too Grand Slam, a

32.5", dunskin son of BTU and had a beautiful red line back dun filly. Grand

Slam is owned by High Meadow Miniatures. We love this little horse and she

has the sweetest personality to go along with her good looks and pedigree.

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