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Darmond Gold Reflection


Reflection is a 3/20/05, AMHA A159275, AMHR 259763A, 32" smokey, black mare.(more picture coming in the spring)Refelection is nCr, aa and Ee. 


Reflection is a really nice daughter of JOHNSTONS GOLD BOY. Reflection's dam, La Vista Remarkable Regalia is a beautiful daughter of NFCS Remarkable Rowdy. This mare is as nice as they come. She has also been genetically tested and she carries a creme gene, so she can easily produce palominos, buckskins, and even cremellos when bred to a stallion with a cream gene. Reflection had her first foal late in 2011 - a beautiful buckskin filly by LITTLE KINGS BUCKEROO CZAR. Reflection is a royally bred young mare with her whole life ahead of her!! (information and pictures courtesy of D'Armond Miniatures)

She had been wearing a blanket so her hair was all mashed.

Reflections sire: Johnstons Gold Boy

Here he is a 26 years of age. (picture courtesy of D'Armond Miniatures) Please see other

information on him below.

Johnstons Gold Boy Sire: Gold Melody Boy

Johnstons Gold Boy Dam: Starlight III

(no pictures available)

Reflections dam: La Vista Remarkable Regalia (sire: NFCS Remarkable Rowdy)

                                                          (dam:NXS Awesome Assault)

No pictures available

 Gold Melody Boy

Almost 30 years after his death, it is nearly impossible to measure the impact Gold Melody Boy has had on the American miniature horse industry. Gold Melody Boy was a registered Shetland pony with a pedigree that goes back almost 100 years—to some of the most well known Shetlands ever bred. Because of his small size, he was eligible to be registered with the AMHA. It was not until after his death, when his name turned up in pedigree research over and over and over again, that he became known as “the” foundation sire of the modern, Arabian style American miniature horse. His small stature, extreme refinement and Arabian presence put him years ahead of his time. Those qualities are evident in the horses carrying the Gold Melody Boy bloodlines, making them some of the most sought after in the world. Below is a partial list of horses sired by Gold Melody Boy. For a horse with only 34 AMHA foals to his credit, this is quite a remarkable group. There is no doubt that these wonderful horses and their get will continue to carry the Gold Melody Boy bloodlines into miniature horse history. 




—dam of National Champion Stallion, Indian Snow 




—dam of National Champion producer, Flying W Farms Medicine Man 




—dam of National Champion producers, Johnstons Little Bo Cream,Wittmaacks Holly Star, and Wittmaacks That A Girl, and also Starlights Little Dipper, the dam of Dippers Duffy, who is the sire of all time leading futurity sire, Sids Rebel. 




—sire of National Champions and National Grand Champions, Johnstons Starlight Ranger, NFCs Sugar Boy, Skip A Star, and National Champion producers, Cascades Cinnamon, Fallen Ash Farms Arabesque, Johnstons Little Bo Cream and Johnstons Super Charger 




–double bred Gold Melody Boy son and sire of National Champion Sterling Silver and National Champion producers, AF Scarlett Mistress, Deiles Dakota Excellence, Deiles Dakota Toy Girl, and Deiles Showdown Daisy 




—Sire of National Champion producers, including Wittmaacks Freckles, dam of National Grand Champion Senior Stallion, Little Kings Buckeroo Baccarra, two time National Chanpion, Little Kings Buck Angelica, Little Kings Supreme Dream, Little Kings Buckeroo Bandolero and Little Kings Leatherwood Buckeroo, sire of Three time Champion of Champions, Libertys Miss Kentucky 




—dam of National Grand Champion Senior Stallion, National Champion Get of Sire, sire of more than thirty National Champion and National Grand Champions and an untold number of top ten horses, Boones Little Buckeroo


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